Feminine values and women’s leadership are needed now more than ever in our world. Bring Dr. Judith Wright, SOFIA’s founder, to your organization for a keynote talk to educate, inspire, and motivate you and the individuals you work with to make a difference in our world.  

To learn more about how to book Dr. Wright or any of the women in our Speakers Bureau:

Contact Barbara Burgess at 312.645.8300 or email barbara@wrightliving.com

Talk Topic Highlights

Feminine Leadership in the Modern Workplace

Women’s leadership is infinite, but rarely tapped because we mistakenly define leadership primarily in masculine terms. However, research is showing that men and women have very different ways of using these skills in approaching everything—from communication to demonstrating partnership. Yet women have been trained for many years to dismiss their inherent gifts. In this eye-opening and powerful half-day workshop, Dr. Judith Wright will teach women how to tap the courage to unleash their leadership and unlock their potential by harnessing their emotional intelligence and understanding the power and unique opportunities of feminine leadership. 

HER STORY: A New Formula for Success in Living, Loving, and Leading

Let’s face it. The formulas we were taught for career and personal success are outdated at best, harmful at their worst. We may achieve our goals, but we are still left wanting more. Or we may discount the inherent gifts we have that would have propelled us to satisfaction and success. Dr. Judith Wright shares the six-phase model she developed that has proven successful for women of all walks of life to activate their own greatness, create thriving, robust relationships, and find career success and fulfillment.