Women’s Events

Join us for an upcoming event! Every six weeks SOFIA sponsors a Women’s Event which is open to anyone who wants to gain complimentary access to our women’s curriculum. Join us any one of these evenings to be inspired to tap your potential as a woman leader and to network with other women looking to do the same.

Harness the Power of a One Decision

You may know what you want to do in your life, but have you decided how you want to live? Goals are great but limiting. Make what Dr. Judith Wright calls a “One Decision,” and you have a compass to orient to for every decision in your life…a guide that not only clarifies your path but also makes sure that your choices, and moments, are infused with meaning and fulfillment.

Many of us spend years seeking meaning in our lives, exploring numerous paths in our quest for real, lasting life satisfaction—we change careers, lose weight, attend seminars, buy bigger houses and fancier cars, or even get rid of it all. Yet in the end, we lead only partially successful or better lives. And we wonder: What’s missing? What will it take to feel truly satisfied in all areas of my life? The One Decision will positively affect the entire fabric of your life—the love you experience, your worldly success, and your spiritual fulfillment.  Join us for a dynamic evening on making a One Decision.

When: Tuesday, July 9
8:15 pm-9:30 pm CST

Wright Foundation
445 E. Ohio
Suite 360

Price: Free!

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In-Depth Training

If you are interested in more in-depth training, the first step is to develop yourself more fully as a person. The kickoff to any training at the Wright Foundation is the Foundations weekend training, an overview and introduction to the Year of Transformation program. Use the code SOFIA to waive the $800 fee for this powerful weekend training.

The Foundations training is a prerequisite to the annual Woman’s Essential Experience, an experiential and inspirational woman’s intensive. For more information about this powerful experience, call us at 312.645.8300 and ask to talk to someone about the women’s training.