SOFIA, the Society of Femininity in Action, is the women’s training and development arm of the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential and was founded by Dr. Judith Wright.

The Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential, a 501(c)3 non-profit, focuses on designing and delivering cutting-edge social and emotional intelligence training to activate leaders who contribute to a 200-year vision of a world that works for everyone. 

Foundation Mission:

Our purpose is to live radiant, authentic lives and to support others to unleash their potential by consciously engaging in their own transformation and leadership, for the advancement of humanity and conscious, sustainable living on the planet.

—Wright Foundation Statement of Purpose

SOFIA builds on the mission of the Wright Foundation by providing deep and powerful training in feminine leadership.

We join together in a deep and lasting bond to pursue our moral and spiritual development, …to honor and manifest the feminine face of God, and to marshal our feminine power to transform ourselves, our families, our workplaces, and our world.

We believe we have the power to achieve balance where there has been none. Where that which has been acceptable in the past  – war, hunger, poverty, pollution – are unacceptable, and where peace, abundance, prosperity, and caring are the norm.

We stand on the shoulders of women who have come before us and believe we can help create a world greater than they could imagine –and with our work – our daughters can create a world that is more than we can imagine.

We, as women, are vision holders. We hold a vision of connection, caring, and service.

We share ourselves, use our gifts, and empower women from around the world, bringing more women together to do the work of the divine feminine.

Working together, we are confident we can realize our vision – knowing in our hearts that what may be impossible for one is possible for many.

We hold the value of living to our highest vision with reverence and honor. 

We are a community where we really live by the “golden rule;” where words are spoken with deep truth and candor, where days are lived with soul and meaning, where trust triumphs over fear, and where love and compassion are at the heart of our interactions with one another.

We give and receive the support that encourages our truest, most magnificent selves to shine forth.

We strive to be wholly ourselves – to be true to our hearts and our gifts, to belong, and to connect with a force greater than ourselves.

We are…



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